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If you’d like to order EZ Line from outside the United States, please contact our dealers in the following countries to save you customs cost and time. We only ship 20 spools or more out of the United States.

Know of a local hobby shop that youd like to purchase our products from? Please have them email us at for information on carrying our EZ Line products.



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“If you’re modeling in smaller scales this is a must have item. It doesn’t kink and hangs straight. I use superglue and when this touches it the grab is instant.”

Joe B. about EZ Line

“Great product for reproducing cables, antenna, telephone lines, and fencing. I use this color and size on 1:48 scale aircraft with outstanding results. The best part about this item is that it will spring back to original shape when put under pressure and therefore makes it very hard to break unlike other material.”

David W. about EZ Line

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International Orders

If you are located outside of the United States, please visit our International Dealers page to find the nearest EZ Line supplier to you. We only sell outside of the United States via dealers.

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