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Bi-Polar LEDs and Bi-Polar Right Angle LEDs Panel Mount $3.50 each, Right Angle $4.00 each

When turnout is in one position (i.e. Main Line) the LED is green, LED changes to red when turnout position is changed.

  • Bi-Polar are panel mount 5mm LEDs (equals 1/4 inch diameter) with mounting clip.
  • Bi-Polar Right Angles mount next to turnover points on top of layout (simulates dwarf signals).

Both LEDs work with Tortoise, Switchmaster and other slow-motion switch machines. For twin coil switch machines such as Atlas and Peco, extra relay contacts (not included) will be required.

Bi-Polar LEDs (panel mount)- $3.50 each or 5 for $17.00

Bi-Polar Right Angle LEDs $4.00 each or 5 for $19.00

Occupancy Detectors $12.99 each or 3 for $37.50

– Have you ever thrown a hidden turn-out with a car over it?
– Would you like to know when your train is at the end of your hidden staging track?
– Have you ever hit the back wall of the engine house?
– Which of your roundhouse stalls is occupied?

We have the answer to all these questions the Occupancy Detector can see in all those places where you can’t. When you break the infrared beam, a red LED lights. Works well in all lighting conditions, including night scenes or low light areas. Includes Infrared light source and detector.

Requires 12 volt DC accessory power to operate. (All Gauges)

Infrared Train Detector and Activator 2 beam $29.00, 4 beam $33.00

Perfect for operating another manufacturers crossbuck flasher, bell sounds, signals, etc., this circuit was designed with grade crossings in mind. When the train breaks one of two (or four) infrared beams the circuit activates, turning a device on or off via the included DPDT relay. Beam length (between source and detector) can be up to 8 inches, allowing one beam to cover multiple tracks. Infrared design allows this circuit to work for night scenes or low light areas just as well as on a fully lit layout.

Requires 12 Volt DC (All Gauges)

2 beam unit: Includes 2 Infrared light sources and detectors : $29.00 each

4 beam unit: Includes 4 Infrared light sources and detectors : $33.00 each

Infrared Automatic Flashing Unit $39.95

As with our Train detector unit, this product will detect a train using 2 infrared beams. It will then activate and alternately flash crossbucks from other manufacturers. We are happy that we can now offer this frequently requested circuit. Works great with our Crossbucks, or can be paired with a set you already own.

1 1/2 Volt Power Adapter $15.00

Converts your accessory power (2-18 volts, AC or DC) to a regulated 1.5 volts DC. Ideal for powering mini lights in the buildings on your layout.


“If you’re modeling in smaller scales this is a must have item. It doesn’t kink and hangs straight. I use superglue and when this touches it the grab is instant.”

Joe B. about EZ Line

“Great product for reproducing cables, antenna, telephone lines, and fencing. I use this color and size on 1:48 scale aircraft with outstanding results. The best part about this item is that it will spring back to original shape when put under pressure and therefore makes it very hard to break unlike other material.”

David W. about EZ Line

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